The JouleHub Network

Today we’d like to talk about the main service on JouleHub: The Network

We have two kinds of networks , the private and the public network.Let’s talk about the private network first. In the actual job market, where the companies are looking to save money and where it is all about the velocity of business.

Therefore,we have created a network, where companies are connected and help each other out.

The best way to understand the concept is with this example:

Your company received an order from a customer but you cannot satisfy the need of your customer because you would either need new machines, other networks, new employees or you don’t have the right knowledge.

So,what do you do?

You either lose the customer, invest time and money into hiring new employees or you can simply use the JouleHub network.

You become a partner of JouleHub and search for the right company within the JouleHub network that you think is capable of doing the job with their resources. You contact them and tell them about your project, discuss the offer and the fee, collaborate and work together for higher profits with lower setup costs.

You don’t lose any Customers, nor money.

Enter JOULEHUB and enrich your possibilities – free of charge