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Robotics & Engineering

Transform your IDEA into a success project

Making your smart devices and robotics solutions a reality

JOULEHUB helps its customers to turn their innovative projects into marketable products. Starting from idea, we can support any technological project from electronic prototype to mass-production.



We take time to challenge the customers idea to define the best product development (outline) regarding added-value, technological risk and general budget. From the very beginning of the design process our experts work together to find the best solution responding to the customers needs, combining efficiently the fields of mechanics, electronics and software together.


We make the development / conception of mechanical prototypes and electronic boards (PCB) to demonstrate the projects feasibility and to get the first feedbacks from end-users. We have the necessary skills to make fast electronic prototype, mechanical design and embedded software to develop quickly functional prototypes. The components and technologies are specifically selected to start up easily a full production in the future.


We ensure the product reaches a high quality level to meet the functional requirements and conformity standards. We can test the conformity of your product on standards such as EMC, R&TTE, in order to get the CE, FCC certificates.


We take in charge the complete manufacturing process, removing the hassle to deal with multiple suppliers. We manage our own network of subcontractors and manufacturers to offer you a service that ranges from procurement, to assembly and packaging. You just still have to sell your product. We make sure it arrives on time and with guaranteed quality.

How we work

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JOULEHUB gathers highly skilled experts in the three main technological fields of robotics and mechatronics together. Whether you need an integrated team to develop a complete product or a temporary advice, there is always someone at Quimesis to support you.


The mechanical team creates systems that perfectly combine simplicity, robustness and aesthetics into one product.

  • Design of personalized assemblies or mechanical devices
  • 3D CAD
  • Finite-element dimensioning
  • Close cooperation with product
  • designers
  • Wide range of production technologies: 3D printing, machining, molding, laser cuting, …
  • Design optimization


We design, make prototypes and manufacture electronic boards in conformity with and specifically optimized for your project.

  • Board design, including schematics and layout<
  • Power electronics (motor control, charging systems, ultra-low power, … )
  • Home automation protocols (WiFi, Zigbee, Thread, 433Mhz, NFC, …)
  • Long range communications UWB, GPS, 3G, LoRa, ...
  • Production follow-up
  • Production tests development

Making your smart devices and robotics solutions a reality. Discover our projects.


JBM is a complete battery monitoring system designed for automotive batteries and industrial applications. This BMS can monitor:

  • Charge and discharge current
  • Temperature
  • Acid level

Of lead-acid, gel and AGM batteries at regularly scheduled intervals.

Improves the charging process by extending battery life.

Can be installed on all batteries with a minimum of 9 plates per cell with nominal voltage from 24V to 80V


S.A.F.I. is an outdoor robot for lawn irrigation and other outdoor use. The S.A.F.I. platform is simple, easy to build and modify and can carry a lot of water or other stuff.

Irrigation systems require large piping setups along with many sprinklers in order to achieve proper irrigation. This system has many problems associated with it. It requires expensive piping as well as sprinkler costs along with high powered motors in order to drive water through such long pipes. There is always a chance of leakages that may cause oversupply of water to a particular area and under supply in another leading to plantation loss. Also this will incur heavy repairing costs. Our proposed system uses a robot with a single sprinkler that moves through the field with a water tank that moves throughout the field spraying water all over it. It is like a moving water tank that automatically moves all over the field spraying water through it. This robot can be equipped with geo fencing sensors so it will cover complete fields without needing any manual intervention,


Though small, the Smart Helmet Clip has a myriad of functions. 

  • We can assure more safety for the employ
  • Easy to analysis the Data
  • Big data information
  • Detecting bad air
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Heart Rate
  • Co2
  • Collision


Our smart wheelchair. Thanks to augmented reality, the wheelchair can independently follow the set routes, climb stairs, cross bumps.


A system consisting of two units, one transmitter and one receiver, designed to detect whether a metal ‘strip’, foil or the like running between the two units has micro-holes invisible to the eye.


Transform your IDEA in a real project.