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Experience Design

Imagine what’s possible and create it

Transform your organization with design-led execution

To stay relevant in an ever-changing competitive landscape, organizations must provide their customers with new ways to discover and engage their products and services. JOULEHUB’s user-centric design process helps you provide value for existing customers and create loyalty with new ones. Whatever your industry, our cross-disciplinary design team can build something remarkable.


Few agencies can do everything

Our strength as consultants and designers lies in our ability to be both theoretical and hands-on. We pair high-level strategic insight and guidance with advanced design work. An array of interrelated creative services including industrial design, user experience, visual design, motion, and video allow us to solve challenges for organizations of different sizes, across industries and product categories.

Application Design

Translate ideas and concepts into products, using a prototype-first methodology to deliver aesthetically sharp apps with solid foundations.

Websites & Interfaces

Generate engagement on your site or interface through a mix of forward-thinking design, intuitive UX, and effective copy.

Brand Identities

Connect touchpoints around a consistent brand idea that drives performance in sales, marketing, retention, and loyalty.

Industrial Design

Combine form and function to create physical products that meet end-user goals, business objectives, and manufacturing constraints.

UX/CX Research

Uncover insights and design opportunities based on data with ethnographic research, persona creation, customer interviews, and analytics.

Video & Motion

Execute a project in any format, from live-action to digital animation, with original writing, storyboards, art, graphics, motion, and voice acting.

We generate results for organizations by designing for the people who use their products. We use research and analysis to guide the design effort, ensuring that your customers’ goals are being addressed.
Our designers are both generalists and specialists. A culture of sharing and learning supports an ecosystem of team skills focused on delivering high-quality work.
While exploration and discovery are at the core of creative innovation, our success is measured in value generation. Our goals never deviate from an organization’s requirements and objectives.


Transform your IDEA in a real project.