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World 4.0


Digital isn’t just disrupting how products are made. It’s also changing how they are consumed and managed, from ideation to end of life: in short, the entire value chain.

Though critical to building internal efficiencies, Industry 4.0—smart connected products built on digitized factories and platforms—is too limited to unlock the full scope of opportunities created by this remarkable transformation.

What’s needed is a more comprehensive view of value creation: one that leverages the power of smart services as the backbone of the end-to-end digital value chain described by Industry X.0. Industry X.0 encompasses a universe of “living” products and services: software-intelligent and closely aligned with their users and ecosystems. At its heart are the smart, interconnected devices and appliances that constitute Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0

Project and integrated solution to migrate your industrial reality into the IOT and connected world of tomorrow.


Farming 4.0

Bring you productivity to its maximum performances, by optimizing every aspect of your company.