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Smart Solution Helmet


In the last few decades, accident prevention programs, increased safety regulations and improvements in equipment and vehicles have made mining a much safer profession. Better engineering and practices have reduced the amount of underground cave-ins, floods and accidents but the dangers haven’t been eliminated. It is why safety is a top priority at mine sites: mining is a physically dangerous job.

Besides floods and cave-ins, miners face other dangers, especially when they head underground. There is the risk of gas explosions, chemical leaks and electrocution. A miner’s health can suffer from exposure to dust, radon, welding fumes, mercury and even noise. Back injuries from falls or heavy labour are common among miners.

Miners are uniformly outfitted with reflective overalls, safety glasses, safety shoes, reflective vests and earplugs. All workers on the mine site are trained to be aware of and avoid dangers. Training and equipment that increase the odds of a miner ending their shift safely are a good investment.

 we have developed a piece of equipment that can increase the odds that miners stay healthy. The Smart Helmet Clip is a small device about the size of a deck of cards that mounts under the brim of standard issue hard-hats. The 30.2 mm x 140.0 mm x 63.8 mm device weighs only 220 g (7.76 oz). The device was developed through a three-way.  

Though small, the Smart Helmet Clip has a myriad of functions. It can detect the presence of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and Methane (CH4). It can also measure temperature and humidity. The company states that the device’s unique modular design allows one to select which environmental sensors to install. 


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