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System Autonomous For Irrigation


S.A.F.I. is an outdoor robot for lawn irrigation and other outdoor use. The S.A.F.I. platform is simple, easy to build and modify and can carry a lot of water or other stuff.

Irrigation systems require large piping setups along with many sprinklers in order to achieve proper irrigation. This system has many problems associated with it. It requires expensive piping as well as sprinkler costs along with high powered motors in order to drive water through such long pipes. There is always a chance of leakages that may cause oversupply of water to a particular area and under supply in another leading to plantation loss. Also this will incur heavy repairing costs. Our proposed system uses a robot with a single sprinkler that moves through the field with a water tank that moves throughout the field spraying water all over it. It is like a moving water tank that automatically moves all over the field spraying water through it. This robot can be equipped with geo fencing sensors so it will cover complete fields without needing any manual intervention,


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