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Micro Holes detector


A system consisting of two units, one transmitter and one receiver, designed to detect whether a metal ‘strip’, foil or the like running between the two units has micro-holes invisible to the eye.

It has 3 detection bands for bores:

  • band 1) hole diameter = 35 µm [micron]
  • band 2) hole diameter = 50 µm [micron]
  • band 3) holes diameter = 100 µm [micron]

The system has some LEDs visible on board the machine and a buzzer to signal the user on the status of each unit, as well as 3 opto-isolated “AC” outputs for signalling to external controllers [such as PLCs or similar].
The transmitting part does not require setup, selections or anything else [just turn it on and it is immediately operational], the receiving part is where all the operating settings are stored.
A single button on the machine allows you to select the desired operating band, while a two-colour LED indicates the selected band.
Another LED shows any micro-hole detected.
As an option, the receiver can be fitted with an RS232 serial communication port, which, when connected to a PC or controller, can read and write the possible machine settings and current status parameters.
Optionally, it will be possible to fully manage the system remotely via RS232 cable, or with the addition of a simple external interface to the system, even via LAN.
The system is produced in 3 different versions for 3 specific tape widths to be tested:

  • 334 mm tape
  • 286 mm tape
  • 254 mm tape

In case of micro-hole detection, an opto-isolated output deactivates the “GOOD” signal to the controller, which will decide what to do.
The transmitter continuously checks that the sensors are all electrically functional and signals any anomalies to the controller and user.
The receiver has digital filters to prevent [or at least greatly limit] false alarms, uncertainties or external disturbances in normal operation, making detection very accurate and repeatable.
Since there is nothing to calibrate, verify, set, etc. by the user, except for the choice of the working band, preparation is very fast and simple.
The maximum belt speed should not exceed 1 m/s.
Both parts are equipped with a non-volatile memory where all the operating parameters are stored, so that in the event of a BLACKOUT or machine start-up/restart, everything works exactly as it did before the event, with no need for intervention.


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