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This is a microprocessor board for managing the battery pack recharge cycle for industrial machinery (handling machines).
The board controls and manages the charging of the battery pack according to the standard charging profile for lead-acid batteries.


Although very small in size, this board is capable of controlling peak currents of up to 100 A, with very little heat dissipation in relation to the energy transferred. It is an economy and “energy-saver” board.

The board “manages” the charging of the battery, so the “power interface” with the mains (usually just transformer + rectifier bridge) is separate.
The card current sensor is based on the use of a “brass plate” in series with the negative battery conductor, making wiring in the system simple and economical.

The card monitors the battery status during charging. In the event of anomalies, it stops recharging and warns the operator by means of LEDs.

Again with a view to energy-saving, at the end of the recharge cycle, if correctly wired, the card is able to disconnect the “power interface” from the mains. This eliminates unnecessary energy consumption from the mains, as in the case of long pauses between charging cycles.

Particular care has been taken in the management of recharging so as to achieve “clean” switching, thus maximum reduction of electromagnetic interference [EMI] and a strong reduction in noise from the power interface.
The board, which is produced in various models, allows the requirements of mains voltage as well as various battery packs to be met.
The power supply is taken directly from the battery pack to be recharged.

The simplicity of the necessary parts, reduced to a minimum, and careful attention to the technological choices made, make this board a truly economical and easy-to-use solution for battery recharging.


  • Mains voltage: 110V; 230V nominal
  • Manages battery packs of: 12V,24V,36V,48V
  • Nominal Battery-pack current sensor: 1 SHUNT
  • Battery-pack voltage sensors: 1


  • Cargo handling
  • Manufacturers/maintenance of forklifts
  • Battery-powered machines for cargo handling
  • Marine sector

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