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For one of our Swiss customers who designs and manufactures automotive parts, we have designed an after-sales remote maintenance system using augmented reality. The company sells these products abroad and was looking for a method to reduce logistical support costs (travel, training, entertainment expenses) and reduce downtime for the arrival of the technician. The project included three particular uses: training, maintenance and repair.

  • Reduced travel costs
  • Possibility of assistance in remote locations
  • Reduced waiting times for service


Before going into the specifics of the applications, let’s have a quick overview of how Augmented Reality is used in the after-sales phase. For the post-purchase there are ways of involvement through AR that consist of games and animations that are activated thanks to a QR code or other types of markers placed on the product packaging. Its use can be through smartphones, tablets or thanks to smart glasses that allow you to have your hands free and thus be able to operate directly on the product or interact with the information displayed.
The AR allows to provide complete information, presented in an engaging and interactive way, through the use of 3D images or videos. Augmented reality is directly applied to the product and additional information becomes visible on the product itself or in manuals and instruction manuals, which become interactive.
Our platform is equipped with the advanced Augmented Reality technology that allows you to communicate visually and in real time with the maintenance technician wherever he is.


Our platform will take care of everything else, putting the operator in contact with the maintenance technicians and, from a distance, will guide him step by step to carry out the intervention in a timely manner, solving the problem and reducing the machine downtime.
With the help of our remote maintenance and service platform, there is a drastic reduction in maintenance costs, and thanks to the speed and ease of operator intervention, normal plant operation will be restored, reducing the economic loss associated with production downtime.


  • Remote viewing for real-time assistance
  • More effective management of interventions
  • Efficient maintenance
  • Remote management of interventions
  • Always available manuals
  • Lower cost for the company
  • Dynamics 365
  • Azure
  • IOT


  • Sector: Any sector, just adapt the platform to the machines in question and update Database

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