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Ultrasound power generator board for 1MHz and 3MHz handpieces. Product typically used in the “AESTHETIC” sector.


he board generates the power signal for driving 1MHz and 3MHz PIEZOCERAMIC handpieces [alternatively] with continuous modulation of the power supplied by amplitude modulation.
It implements sensors for

  • disconnected
  • short-circuited
  • generic overload

It has a connector for connecting 2 external LEDs indicating the active handpiece.
A sophisticated JOB sensor [optional] allows effective ultrasound delivery only when the handpiece touches the skin to be treated and as long as it remains in contact.
The delivery mode can be continuous or modulated ON/FF with all possible parameters programmable by the user.
The communication port used is the typical RS232 serial port [therefore connectable to a PC].
A sophisticated hardware + firmware system allows the handpiece drive signals to be generated digitally, i.e. expressed in numbers.

A special function [SEARCH], allows to find the specific resonance frequency of the mounted handpiece by a simple use of the PC. It is possible to save on the local PC all the specific operating parameters of the handpiece, then back up the data, or to attach the file to the handpiece to a remote customer, who by connecting the handpiece and uploading the file on the board, gets back the same operation as before; this feature can be used to supply “already calibrated” handpiece-replacements.
A large number of programmable parameters make it possible to customise/customise operation according to the most diverse requirements. In addition, the numerous operating ‘sensors’ allow you to work safely and have real time diagnostics on everything significant.
It handles a large number of control/alarm functions in current use and the diagnostics are therefore very accurate.


  • Board power supply: 12Vdc / 0.5A
  • Nominal Handpiece power supply: 30Vdc / 2.5A nominal
  • Handpieces manageable: 2, 1MHz & 3MHz alternatively
  • Control ports: 1 [RS232].


  • Beauty equipment
  • Cream manufacturers

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