Industry 4.0: Benefits


  • Possibility to detect, visualize and modify in real time the production parameters;
  • Possibility of optimizing production according to different criteria;
  • Efficiency of energy consumption;
  • Automatic control of the use of PPE;

Internal logistics

  • automatic movement of goods and their tracking in the company;
  • efficiency of the processes of management of incoming goods;
  • automated management and warehouses;


  • possibility to reorder in an automated way the goods in exhaustion;
  • possibility to have transactions conditioned to the state of the goods;
  • automatic certification of transactions;


  • transition from preventive to predictive maintenance;
  • Increasing operator safety;
  • reduction in operator training times and costs;
  • reduction of machine downtime;

External logistics

  • automation of the loading/unloading of the warehouse in the management system;
  • automation of unloading scheduling;
  • increase of the transporter/internal warehouse coordination;
  • modelling of the behaviours of the different actors along the supply chain;

Distribution and sale

  • acquisition of purchase or interaction data directly from the store shelf;
  • acquisition of real and real time sales data;
  • automation of invoicing.
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