Industry 4.0: Benefits

Predictive Maintenance Predictive maintenance is one of the core applications in Industry 4.0. By analyzing vast amounts of data collected from a network of connected sensors installed in production systems, it enables companies to make reliable predictions of how the

Industry 4.0: Benefits

Industry 4.0: Benefits Production Possibility to detect, visualize and modify in real time the production parameters; Possibility of optimizing production according to different criteria; Efficiency of energy consumption; Automatic control of the use of PPE; Internal logistics automatic movement of

How Industry 4.0 is giving ERP a new lease of life

How Industry 4.0 is giving ERP a new lease of life There’s no question that the manufacturing industry is moving at a rapid pace. Assembly lines are becoming smarter, R&D becoming more innovative, and operations becoming slicker. Manufacturing businesses are

Industry 4.0 and the Drive in Productivity

Industry 4.0 and the Drive in Productivity Digitization, automation, and data collection has been driving the fourth industrial revolution in recent years, otherwise known as Industry 4.0. We’ve seen a phenomenal rise in the establishment of smart factories and smart

How design changes with Industry 4.0

How design changes with Industry 4.0 Based on the adoption of interconnected and intelligent technologies and solutions, the new paradigm of Industry 4.0 design is gradually changing production processes within Italian manufacturing companies. However, the digital innovations of the Fourth

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