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Industry 4.0

Project and integrated solution to migrate your industrial reality into the IOT and connected world of tomorrow.

Farming 4.0

Bring you productivity to its maximum performances, by optimizing every aspect of your company.



The strong heterogeneity of our development team allows us to combine skills and complete complex projects, in which mechanical electronics and automation combine in perfect synergy. JouleHub is able to…

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Electronics Productions

Thanks to the partnership with Tea Electronics Srl, we are able to provide the production of electronic boards with the highest quality standards. Our laboratory has state-of-the-art PTH and SMT…

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Engineering Design

With our engineering services, we support you in the development and realization of your projects. Together with You, we work on solutions that will add value to your product. In…

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Development of innovative solutions

We help you achieve a competitive advantage through strategic innovation. We are able to analyze your business model, in order to explore potential paths for innovation. It’s not unusual that…

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Project Management

In JouleHub we follow the most rigorous and smart approaches during our projects, in order to have all the processes under control, and reduce the risk of design error as…

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JouleHub operates in this sector by offering its engineering skills. In particular JouleHub follows the design and implementation of the whole electronic part. We are also acquiring a team of…

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Automatic Machinery

The design of automated machinery and complete lines is an area of excellence for JouleHub in the following sectors for automatic machines and industrial automation: Rotary and linear filling machines…

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Oil&Gas/Soil Drilling

Thanks to its experience, JouleHub designs equipment for assembly and maintenance operations as well as equipment for processing turbine components and compressors. Contact us today to find out more.

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Green Energy

Nowadays, environmental impact is a very important factor in society: JouleHub is able to provide consulting services even in the green economy, with the design and construction of energy storage…

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JouleHub is working with the most important space agencies and Avio companies in Europe. Offered services: Solutions for space projects Specialized and innovative engines and turbines Carbon casing design Structural…

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Who we are

JouleHub is an innovation hub located in Lucern, Switzerland and Ozzano sull’Emilia Italy. We bridge the gap between businesses, ideas, and their clients. Here, we are able to take your technological ideas and turn them into a reality. We work with businesses to develop projects and help them get their ideas off the ground. JouleHub also serves as a training center and place where professionals can share ideas and make them better.

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Why Choose Us

Our main goal is to help businesses outsource the “research and development” sectors and help them avoid business risks through:

Latest Technology

For our customers we use always the right latest technologies for all requests.

Sharing Knowledge

We share our knowledge with the young scientists of tomorrow.

Ontime Delivery

We respect the delivery time, thanks at all methodologies that we follow (Agile, WCM).

Profesional Workers

Complete account of the work system, and expound the actual teachings of the truth.



Alessandro Graps

Founder and CEO

Marco Conte

Founder and CTO